Workers Compensation Insurance and Injury Prevention

As an auto dealer you realize the need to protect your business as well as your workers by providing adequate insurance coverage with Workers Compensation Insurance California. But depending on your safety record, claims history and loss experience, premiums vary from one business/dealership to another. For example, if your facility has relatively few injuries, it might pay a premium that is only half of what an identical facility with a higher injury rate would pay. Therefore, if you are paying relatively less than your competitors, you certainly have an advantage. And as premiums increase the financial advantage that accrues from a good safety record also increases.


Tips you can use to improve workplace safety and your Workers Comp premiums


  1. Hiring and Introductory Training:


Once an employee is hired, having a quality employee orientation program that, among other things, includes training on applicable safety issues is advised. A well-organized and well-conducted orientation sends a powerful message to a new employee that your dealership takes its employees (and their safety) very seriously. This is important in order to provide a culture of good safety management.


  1. Injury Prevention:


Be sure that scheduled safety training is attended. Have your Safety Committee meet on a regularly scheduled basis. Post the meeting minutes so employees can read about safety activities currently being implemented at the facility, and enforce your dealership safety policies on such things as lifting heavy objects and use of safety glasses.


  1. Injury Management:


Most facilities are good about reporting accidents, but many fail to actively manage an injury. Dealerships are typically small businesses where managers know their workers on a personal level and are pained when one is injured. But what frequently happens is that an injured employee is left to a claims manager and medical provider, with the dealership simply waiting patiently for his rehabilitation and return.


Instead, you need to have ongoing contact with the injured employee, as well as appropriate support and information for his family. Early return to work is another thing that can help facilitate recovery. As injury costs soar, the benefits of an early return to work program increases. As for medical care, choose your designated medical provider with care, and maintain liaison both, with the treating physician, and the carrier’s designated claims representative.


With higher worker’s compensation insurance premiums, the financial consequences of a high injury rate can imperil the financial health of any dealership. Therefore it makes sense for dealership management to focus more on activities that can help limit injuries.