Why Mobile Entertainers Need an Insurance Plan


The mobile entertainment industry sector is filled with a strong variety of artists and performers that work at numerous types of celebrations and occasions. The exciting, but rigorous nature of their work leaves them potentially vulnerable to alleged injuries, property damage and other liabilities. These entertainers protect their businesses and their services with their own specialized insurance plans, prepared for any event.

Who Is Covered by This Insurance?

According to www.mavon.com, mobile entertainers insurance covers a vast selection of entertainers that take their services to temporary locations and events. A small selection of these experienced workers and talents include:

Caricaturists, face painters, and other visual artists
Singers, poets and other oral performers
DJs and musical bands
Clowns, magicians, and Santas
Photographers and videographers
What Are the Coverage Areas?

Most types of insurance specialized for mobile entertainers tend to cover two major areas: equipment and liability. Equipment coverage protects their tools and instruments, such as paint, cameras and musical instruments, in case of any damage or theft done to these objects. Liability coverage, on the other hand, covers the clients, specifically if the entertainer is liable to injury or property damage done to a client or another party.
Mobile entertainers, whether they are musical artists, physical performers or even wedding planners, face complex risks and hazards on the job. A proper insurance plan will protect their equipment or their clients in case of damage or injury.