What’s the Best Option for Manufactured Home Insurance?

Finding home insurance for manufactured homes can be a hassle. Many companies simply do not write coverage for these properties, but for those that do, what should an effective policy include? The answer to that question will largely depend on how old the mobile home is and whether you will have tenants living in the unit.

What Your Policy Should Include

There are a few basic safeguards that your insurance agency should provide:

  • Glass breakage
  • Fire damage
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Weather damage
  • Landscaping

If you have tenants, some providers will include this in your covers. You may also be able to purchase medical or liability coverage and the best policies will have provisions for accidental damages.

Additional Coverage

Depending on the agency, you are likely going to be able to purchase additional provisions to your policy. Some providers will allow for loss or destruction of personal items. If you have an adjacent structure like a tool shed or garage, you can cover that as well. Other available add-ons are identity theft and personal property floater.

Home insurance for manufactured homes might be challenging to find, but stick with companies that specialize in the needs of mobile homeowners. They will likely provide more effective coverage at affordable prices. Also, the claims adjuster will have a better knowledge of what you need for your manufactured units and properties.