What You Should Know About Building Replacement Insurance

G.A. Mavon Insurance

Even if you have building replacement coverage, some replacement costs may not necessarily be covered by your insurance provider. Experts at G.A. Mavon Insurance can help you determine what coverage is best for you, but you might want to learn more about law and ordinance coverage.

Replacement Cost Coverage

A replacement policy will essentially replace things on a like for like basis. It will cover the cost of replacing old items for new items that are essentially as close to replicas as possible. However, it will only pay for costs under certain circumstances, which do not include the following:

Building Codes: Every city in the U.S. can determine its own specific building codes. This means they can also change those codes if they choose to. If a new building code impacts your home and you’re legally required to change or rebuild something, your standard replacement policy will not cover those costs.
Damaged Buildings: Most cities have an ordinance that will require property owners to rebuild their homes if they are substantially damaged. Cities usually stipulate that if 50 percent of a home is substantially damaged and/or deemed unsafe it will need to be rebuilt. Replacement policies will not cover costs associated with updates mandated by local laws, codes or ordinances.

Law and Ordinance Coverage

Law and ordinance insurance policies will cover the cost of replacing building components that need to be changed due to new regulations.