What You Need to Know About Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial Fleet Insurance

How do you know if you need California auto fleet coverage? If your business owns or leases at least two vehicles or has a fleet, then you may need auto fleet coverage. The point of auto fleet coverage is to protect your company against the expenses associated with damage to your vehicles, injuries sustained during an accident and other claims.

Understanding Fleet Coverage

If you’re unsure about whether you have a fleet, it may depend on the insurance policy. Some policies require your company to have at least five vehicles, whereas other providers may offer insurance for two cars. A few reasons you may want to consider fleet insurance include:

  • If your employees drive company-owned vehicles
  • If your employees use their vehicles for work
  • If your business delivers goods and services or picks up passengers

There is always a risk associated with using a vehicle.

Understanding Insurance Premium Costs

When it comes to choosing fleet insurance, a lot of companies dismiss it when they see the cost of the premiums. Keep in mind that if one of your vehicles is involved in an accident, you could wind up paying much more than your insurance premium. You can also control the costs of your premiums. If you have your employees attend safety meetings and training, you may be able to receive reduced costs.

If you have multiple commercial vehicles, you may want to consider fleet coverage. This type of coverage can protect all vehicles within the fleet.