What Is Heavy Construction?

Heavy Construction

Heavy construction is an important type of construction. It plays a fundamental role in creating the most important types of infrastructure that all cities and towns need.

What Are the Different Types of Construction?

There are several major types of construction. Each type requires that workers have specialized experience in their field.

  •       Residential building
  •       Commercial Building
  •       Industrial
  •       Heavy construction

How Does Heavy Construction Differ From Other Construction?

Unlike the other types of construction which involve building edifices and systems, heavy construction involves building infrastructure. Here are some examples of installations that require heavy construction:

  •       Highways
  •       Roads
  •       Bridges
  •       Railroads
  •       Subways
  •       Sewers
  •       Irrigation

What Work Goes Into Heavy Construction?

In general, heavy construction usually entails excavating and relocating large sections of earth and other natural features such as trees to create space for whatever is being built. Heavy construction workers are responsible for safely moving large volumes of earth, and it is often necessary to transport earth or soil off-site. Workers will also need to move large volumes of material onto a jobsite to perform their work. A lot of care has to go into ensuring that transporting materials is accomplished safely. In addition to creating safe work plans, it’s advisable for contractors to obtain comprehensive heavy construction insurance to protect their operations.