Understanding the Captive Insured

captive insurance

Countless insurance providers exist for almost any form of insurance that exists at this time. The average American is beholden to these insurance companies and is subject to the premiums that are offered. Some people grow tired of working with these organizations and are determined to find alternative outlets for insurance needs. With this said, some individuals choose to begin together in the form of captive insurance. These individuals create an insurance company that involves risk on behalf of each owner because the sole purchase of the organization consists of insuring themselves. For those familiar with different types of insurance companies, captive insurance sounds similar to mutual insurance companies. However, with mutual insurance companies, those that are insured do not have a controlling interest in the organization.

Why Choose Captive Insurance?

The primary reason to choose captive insurance involves operating outside of the traditional insurance sector. Taking this path requires a large amount of capital to not only start the organization but insure those involved for a wide variety of contingencies. There are not a lot of captive insurance agencies in existence when compared to traditional insurance providers. People that are in a position to start one of these businesses are also looking to completely manage financial risk on every level for themselves and other partners.