Types of Veterinary Insurance

General liability insurance handles many business problems, but it certainly doesn’t cover all of your risks as a veterinarian. Protect your business and your customers with insurance that covers the different issues you may face. Here are a few types of veterinary liability insurance in PA that you can include in your portfolio for your peace of mind.

You may not think that hackers would care about your client’s private health data, but they would care about the owner’s credit card information. Cyber liability protects you against cybercrimes that damage your customer’s financial status and your business’ reputation while you’re cleaning up the crime. You can also purchase equipment breakdown insurance. How would you replace your expensive equipment if it got damaged in a power outage or operator error?

Vets need malpractice insurance much like other healthcare providers. Even though animals are considered property in most states, their owners will sue if something goes wrong when you are providing services. If you have employees, you need workers compensation to protect them and your business in case of an injury. Another insurance that can protect you is business interruption. This covers expenses if your company is shut down for a period of time.

Include these different types of veterinary liability insurance in PA in your portfolio to cover your risks. You’ll sleep better knowing that you won’t lose everything in the event of a catastrophe.