Two Things You Didn’t Know Collectors Car Insurance Could Cover

If you own a classic car, you may have heard that classic or collectors car insurance is essential because it covers the full value of the car, rather than the depreciated value. However, this is not the only unusual coverage that classic car insurance offers. Most vehicle owners can also benefit from the following specialized kinds of protection that these policies offer.


  1. Special Parts and Tools


Maintaining and repairing classic cars can be costly, since classic cars often require rare parts and specialized tools. Regular auto insurance policies might not cover the full cost of proper replacements or repairs. With a collectors car insurance policy, you can insure the real value of the parts you own, including spare parts, and the value of any tools or kits you use to keep your vehicle in top condition.


  1. Incidents at Auto Shows


Attending auto shows is an enjoyable part of owning a collectors car, but unfortunately, these shows introduce a risk of accidents. Fortunately, your classic car insurance can protect against property damage and personal injuries that occur at shows. Furthermore, if you only drive your car at shows, meaning you have little personal injury risk the rest of the time, your policy and premiums can reflect that limited risk.


Ensuring Full Protection


There are several other specialized types of coverage that collectors car insurance offers. This insurance can protect against damage to storage space, cover the cost of non-damaging towing, and provide compensation for damage that occurs outside of accidents. All of these benefits make classic car insurance a smart investment for any classic car owner.