Two Reasons Why You Should Have an Insurance Producer Agreement

An insurance producer agreement contract is a legal contract between your company and an insurance agency or producer. Depending on where you live and the kind of business you own, you may not be legally required to fill out a contract. However, filling out a contract would be beneficial for not only your business, but for the safety of your employees and the customers your business serves.

1. Eliminates Potential Confusion

The advantage of having an insurance producer agreement contract is that the terms of your arrangement is explicitly stated. For example, termination clauses and payment are written out in specific terms for the benefit of your business. Understanding the exact conditions that could cause termination as well as any potential penalties you may have to pay will make it easier on you and your business.

2. Creates a Satisfactory Arrangement for Both Parties

A contract between two parties’ means agreeing to satisfactory terms for both your business and the producer. If there are terms you do not agree with or have trouble reaching, then there is room for renegotiation until you find the best set of conditions. The ability to negotiate is especially important as it allows you to examine your business’s needs and communicate with the producer on how best to meet them.

Having these specific terms laid out between you and the insurance agency will not only help safeguard against any potential risks, but will also help your business receive the insurance it needs.