Two Insurance Coverages That All Small Business Owners Should Carry

insurance in Glen Rock
These are the two insurance coverages that small business owners must carry.

For small business owners looking for business insurance in Glen Rock, the process may be somewhat challenging. You have to be careful what you spend on because your funds are limited, but you also understand that business insurance is an absolute requirement. You can’t have a real business if you’re not insured. So how can you make sure you’re protected while at the same time not overspending on coverage. There are two basic coverages that you should purchase to help you get the best of both worlds.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance covers your business in case a non-employee is hurt, or their property is damaged because of your business’ activities. This can be something as minor as a customer falling while in your office and deciding to file a lawsuit. The policy will cover any legal fees and payouts related to the case.

Commercial Property

Even if all you own is a computer, it’s recommended that you carry commercial property insurance because not only will your computer be covered, but so will your business data. From natural disasters to theft, all your property is protected. Some policies will go one step further and pay you for potential revenue that you lost out on because your damaged or lost property.

These are the two insurance coverages that small business owners must carry. While there are plenty of other options for insurance in Glen Rock, these will help to ensure that you have the foundational coverage for your business while also protecting your monthly budget.