Top Risks Facing Janitorial Companies

insurance and bonding for cleaning company

Owning and operating a janitorial service comes with many risks. Insurance and bonding for cleaning company help you mitigate losses and cover your exposures. Here’s a brief list of the top risks cleaning companies face.

Third-Party Injuries

Freshly cleaned and waxed floors can be slick. If someone slips and falls, you could be liable for any injuries incurred including their medical payments and missed work. Even if you have put up appropriate signage, you could still be held liable.

Employee Injuries

Cleaning is a labor-intensive job that can take its toll on your employees. Inhaling cleaning products can cause your employee to fall ill. Workers compensation policies protect your employee if they are injured or become ill while on the job.

Property Damage

A variety of cleaning equipment is used to make the buildings shine. Damage to your equipment or the customer’s property can cost your company a lot of money to replace.

Chemical Exposure

Cleaners contain a variety of potentially hazardous chemicals. Properly storing these items can lower your pollution risks.

Protect your company with insurance and bonding for a cleaning company. An insurance company that specializes in cleaning service companies understands the unique risks and liabilities facing cleaning companies. Standard policies to consider are workers compensation insurance, property insurance and general liability insurance.