The Main Hazards You May Need To Insure for Your Home Mortgage

Home Mortgage

After purchasing your new home, you may have already secured general homeowner’s insurance, but might not have thought about needing mortgage hazard insurance as well. Unfortunately, there are several hazards that can put your home at risk and that might not be covered by typical homeowner’s insurance, including some natural events. Whether your hazard insurance is being force-placed by your lender or you’re seeking it on your own, here are the main risks to cover.

Not All Homeowners Policies Include Hazard Coverage

Though many homeowners’ policies do not include hazard coverage already, it’s possible yours may, so be sure to check with your insurer first. It may be possible to get hazard insurance added to your homeowners’ coverage to protect against risks to your home’s structure.

Commonly Covered Hazards Involve Damage to the Property

What makes hazard insurance a unique part of a homeowners’ policy is that it specifically covers structural damages. These can be brought about by a number of different “hazards”, including:

        Lightning strikes


        Damage from falling trees

        Hail storms

        Damage to the house from stray vehicles, vandalism and more

Protecting your home may mean going beyond typical homeowner’s insurance to get mortgage hazard insurance included in your coverage as well. As you look for your policy, be sure to cover these main hazards.