The Liabilities of Ship Repairer’s

Ship Repairer's Liability

As someone who repairs ships, you have a lot of responsibility to the owner of said vessels. You not only have to ensure that you perform the appropriate repairs but that you also protect the ship. This is why you may need ship repairer’s liability coverage.

What Types of Liability Do Ship Repairers Have?

Ship repairers have a lot of different legal liabilities. When you are repairing a ship, you are responsible for that vessel. If there is an emergency in the marina, you have full responsibility for the boat and hence you have to take the appropriate precautions to protect it. You could be liable for anything that happens to the vessel while it is in your charge.

How Can Ship Repairers Liability Coverage Help?

Ship repairers liability protects against claims of negligence. When working on repairs, a professional is liable for the boat that he or she is working on. Additionally, you are responsible for any bodily injury that might occur due to your repairs. If the vessel sustains any damage, you could also be liable for that.

Coverage provides you with defense costs, legal fees and more when it comes to fighting an allegation of negligence. It can also help provide coverage if you are found negligent.