The Challenges of Insuring Workers in the Staffing Industry

Doing what’s best for your employees is one of the biggest challenges business owners face. Though taking out a sensible insurance plan for your staff is usually a great way to start, there are some industries where this journey is a bit more complicated. For staffing agencies, the nature of the business conducted can put certain workers in a unique position with insurance. Take a moment to look over these suggestions and learn more about how to adequately protect those in your employ.

The Major Points

The first thing to remember about temporary staffing workers compensation insurance is that it is customized for the demands of your industry. A general plan for workers’ compensation will not usually cover all of the unique circumstances employees in the staffing world encounter. Since you’re dealing with contractors who work for more than one entity at a time, it is easy to see how some significant gaps can arise in terms of standard coverage. Beyond protecting your employees with the right compensation coverage, you should also take time to consider:

  • Coverage for directors and operators
  • Access to secondary markets
  • Options to make most of deductibles

The Best Decision

Though working in a unique field like staffing can create some peculiarities when it comes to insurance, finding the perfect fit is simple with a little research. Dig into the details and see how you can find a plan that meets the specific needs of your business.