Staffing Agencies, Resumes and the Interview Process

A resume is a tool that allows you to select those people you believe can perform the work required for companies using your staffing agency. A good resume will provide a detailed account of an individual’s work history, including references that can be contacted so you can get a better understanding of the person’s work ethics.


Resumes give valuable insight into applicants work experience


The goal of any resume is to allow you to decide if this applicant has the skills, experience, education and abilities to perform the duties of the position listed. In this case you can divide the resumes into categories for the different positions being sought. Once you have a list of candidates, set up interviews to determine who is the best fit for that client.


Knowing your clients particular needs is of the utmost important, and the ability to perform the work required may only be part of the criteria. Your client may wish to hire a certain type of worker; for example, they may want someone who is quiet and tends to blend in, or they may want someone energetic, who can work as part of a team.


All of these things are not apparent on a resume, which is why the interview process is very important in determining who is best candidate. Has the person being interviewed worked only for small companies or large corporations? Are they used to working long hours if that is required? Does the job require heavy lifting and is this something they are capable of?


Interviews provide crucial insight into personal traits


Sometimes the personality of a person may not be a good fit for the company you are representing. Someone who smiles a lot and laughs at anything being said to them would probably not be a good fit for a funeral parlor.


Asking questions about not only their work experience, but also their hobbies and interests can provide insight into the type of person they are. Even things like the type of music they listen to, or their favorite movies might give insight into whether or not they are a good fit for a certain company or organization.


Sifting through resumes will give you some of the vital information you will need to narrow down your search, but the interview process will tell you more about their ability to work within a certain setting based on their individual nature. Sometimes the person selected will cause problems or concerns, which is why you should also carry adequate staffing agency insurance for those times when things go awry. Staffing insurance includes Workers Compensation, Employment Practices Liability and other key coverages. Talk to a specialist in insurance staffing agencies to make sure you have the proper coverage to protect you and your pool of talent.