So You Bought a Harley: Now What?

First things first: Congratulations on your Harley-Davidson purchase! Whether it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream or the result of a wild hair, owning your first Harley-Davidson is a big deal. Customizing your bike, picking out accessories, and posing for photos to share on social media is all part of the fun, but don’t forget to take care of your investment before you hit the road. With a thorough understanding of motorcylists and equipment, as well as comprehensive coverage offerings, Aegis General Insurance Agency can help.

Just as each bike/rider combo is unique, so are your needs for the appropriate insurance coverage. For this reason, Aegis created a specialized Harley program that you can customize for your situation. Collision and liability are top concerns for any motorcyclists, but the knowledge that comes with experience means that Aegis also offers coverage against theft, mischief, weather damage, and other things that you can’t control.

You are going to pour a lot of yourself into your Harley-Davidson, so you may also want to protect those accessories that mean so much to your enjoyment of your rides: your helmet, custom equipment, trailers, and safety apparel.

Working with an agent to customize the right coverage for you can mean peace of mind for you down the road. Aegis General Insurance Agency can give you that security with a comprehensive, competitive package that protects both your investment and your sense of adventure. So go ahead and share those photos of you ready to roll, and enjoy the ride.