Roadside Construction Liabilities

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There are several states that have enacted “move-over laws” for motorists when approaching emergency response vehicles, and there are heavy fines established for motorists who don’t comply with posted speed limits in construction zones. While these are done to protect construction workers or other attendants on the roadways, these can actually protect the motorists as well. There is significant potential for car damage caused by construction activities, and taking precautions with motorists and construction personnel can help reduce this risk.

Preventing Accidents

According to the information presented by, not all accidents or damages that occur during roadside construction can be blamed on the company completing the work. There are expectations and requirement by legal standards that reasonable precautions would have been made to guard against possible incidents, and the necessary steps needed to prevent an incident were taken.

In order to improve your company’s ability to reduce or minimize construction hazards, establish clear policies and procedures for roadside activities, and be sure that all employees are consistently and thoroughly trained. Make sure the worksite is well-lit during all hours of operations, as well as keeping all equipment free from debris and in good repair.

Preventing Liability

If there is an incident that results in car damage, a comprehensive insurance policy can be there to assist with the claim. Check with your broker about protecting your roadside construction operations.