Requirements for Contractors Insurance

Any successful contracting company should consider investing in Connecticut contractors insurance to make sure they have adequate coverage for all their insurance needs. Contractors insurance covers all the necessary insurance items to help keep your contract business running and in good financial health. Once you find a quality provider of Connecticut contractors insurance, there are several documents that will be required from you to finalize your insurance policy. Be prepared to submit the following pieces of paperwork.


Insurance Application


Receive your insurance application from the company you are applying to receive coverage from. Fill out the general information such as the size of your business and some information about your annual revenue, and payment information for the insurance policy. This paper serves as the cover document for your entire insurance application.


Record of Carrier Loss Runs


Carrier loss runs detail claims you have made from other insurance companies over the course of your business year. Many insurance companies require at least two or three years worth of carrier loss run records to be submitted with your application.


Employee Practices Documentation


Also include documentation detailing employee best practices at your company. This can be an employee handbook or manual, or training material that ll your employees have access to.


Once you have submitted these items and been accepted, you can prepare to begin Connecticut contractors insurance coverage.