Reasons To Provide Professional Liability Insurance for Your Teaching Staff

Caitlin Morgan

Parents and students are heavily invested in education. When something goes wrong, they often look for someone to blame, and the teachers are usually the first people to come to mind. It’s important, therefore, to have educator liability insurance when you run a school or some other educational institution.

Failure to Educate
When students are not getting the education they deserve, their parents may sue the school for damages. Caitlin Morgan lists many examples of the ways this complaint can manifest:

  • Not following the approved curriculum
  • Not addressing special learning needs or providing appropriate accommodations
  • Not meeting classes at assigned times

Unfair Practices
A hallmark of a good educational system is that all students are provided the tools they need to learn and succeed. If some students are shown favoritism or their rights are violated in any way, both the school and the teachers involved may be sued.

A school should be a safe place for students. When any type of abuse is reported, there are often legal ramifications. You will likely need to rely on your educator liability insurance to cover the cost of defense.

While institutions of education exist primarily for their students, it is also important to protect their teachers. Having a solid liability policy in place can help you do so.