Protecting Waterways

It is indisputable that water is essential for the survival of virtually all living things. It is not only consumed but also used for transportation reasons and the production of everyday necessities in the modern world. The need for hydration, washing, and bathing alone makes it indispensable. Given the multiple needs of this precious resource, it is important that water is treated appropriately to ensure that it is safe, especially for human use and the overall environment. Because of this, it is no wonder why it is important to adhere to the many guidelines and laws to help reinforce the proper methods for water treatment and distribution.


Regardless of the fact that water covers the majority of the planet, the way it is used and processed today can affect the delicate balance of the ecosystem. In addition to everyday usage, points out other factors that can affect the health of Earth’s waterways including the following:

Water treatment for the oil and gas industry
Natural disasters such as hurricanes
Land features

Water waste disposal and processing

Because of the importance of proper water management, it’s no wonder there are many regulations put in place to enforce it. When these rules are not followed there can be financial and legal consequences. For those involved in an industry that significantly impacts the earth’s waterways, it is important to follow the proper protocol and have adequate coverage in place in case of a mishap.