Protect Your Kids and Your Institution With School Accident Insurance

Nobody sends their children to school worrying about accidents happening, but the truth is that they do. As the administration of a private or charter school, it is your responsibility to ensure that the school has proper coverage with school accident insurance. In fact, it is a requirement school districts require that general liability, at the minimum, is carried by each school.


There are various forms of accident insurance that could be put into a policy for your private or charter school. Some types of coverage include professional liability, independent contractors as insureds, abuse and molestation liability, automobile liability, and social service enhancement. Additionally, excess liability is often acquired by schools that project the exhaustion of their policy, such as after a catastrophic event.


In most cases, private and charter schools can have a comprehensive plan put together just for them; one that caters to their specific needs. If there are any school businesses or functions that are sanctioned by the school, the insurance coverage relates to those as well.


Whether you have a policy in place for your school already and are looking to improve it, or you are just beginning from scratch, the most important part is that you do it. Accidents happen, as much as anyone tries to avoid them. Make sure your school is covered with the most comprehensive policy for school accident insurance.