Problems That Can Affect Residents in Nursing Homes

Adjusting to a nursing home can take time for some residents. Some residents transition into new routines and structured support smoothly, while others struggle. A nursing home’s shortfalls can make the adjustment and the ongoing conditions of living there somewhat difficult to cope with. Here are some of the issues that could negatively impact the quality of life and care in assisted living.

Staff Turnover

A constantly revolving pool of workers is one of the most common nursing home problems. Poor wages, understaffing, and stress on the job result in less long-term employment than other industries. Staff turnover causes deficiencies in care because new and inexperienced workers are thrust into many different responsibilities.


Many residents complain about the quality of food that nursing homes serve. Consequently, residents who don’t like what they’re eating may lose weight. It’s also common for residents to have nutritional gaps in their diet.

Facilities Management

When the physical premises of a facility is not kept in good condition, it can have a negative effect on residents’ quality of life. Building systems maintenance issues and structural disrepair could create unsafe conditions or cause residents to feel uncomfortable.

In general, people move into nursing homes to protect their well-being. Unfortunately, some of the problems that they may encounter could cause them to have declining health.