Pollution Protection for Your Maritime Business

marine pollution insurance

Pollution Protection for Your Maritime Business

When the United States introduced legislation protecting the water quality, it became imperative to also protect the ships and owners of ships against liability. If you have marine pollution insurance on your side, your business can be covered.

Your Options for Coverage

There is a wide variety of reasons why you should have pollution coverage as part of your insurance policy. Mainly, it’s to protect you against any unforeseen spills or leaks in the ocean. This could be for an entire fleet of cargo ships or a single ship, depending on the size of your business. Some products you can choose from include those listed here:

Cargo owner pollution

Marina pollution

Shipyard pollution

Worldwide pollution

There are other options, but the services you choose depend on the size and scope of your business. An insurance agent can help you decide what coverage you need.

Covering Your Fleet

No matter how big or small your oceanic fleet is, there is a coverage option that is perfect for you and your needs. That way, you and your ships can be safe out on the water, and any spills can be taken care of. Make sure your maritime business is protected with marine pollution insurance so you can sail the open seas and continue doing your business without worry.