Plan Your Event With Peace of Mind: Why You Should Have Event Insurance

When hosting an event, you are tasked with a lot of responsibility. You have to consider the venue, the guest registration, the entertainment and more. Carrying special event insurance can give you peace of mind while you’re preparing for your event.

Liability Coverage

Accidents can happen anywhere. Whenever you host an event, there is potential for property damages or injuries. Liability covers property and persons at the event. If you rent a venue for your event, the venue will most likely ask you to carry some form of special event liability insurance. For events that have alcohol, you may require additional liability coverage.

Event Cancellation Coverage

There are a variety of reasons that an event may be canceled. Your entertainment could back out of the deal; the weather or other natural disasters could force you to cancel. The coverage is broader than simple cancellation too. Cancelation coverage can help with costs related to postponements. In addition, if the event goes according to plan but you have to pay extra for a new venue or guest, this type of coverage may also help with those costs.

Do you have a plan if something goes wrong? When accidents happen, you need insurance to protect your assets and ensure that you don’t suffer catastrophic losses.