New Car Theft Device Causing New Concerns

There is a growing concern about a recent rise in car thefts. Police are seeking public assistance in tracking down a ring of car burglars who are using a sophisticated electronic gadget to break into vehicles, steal things and leave with hardly a trace. Because this could potentially become a nationwide issue, securing car insurance here in Hamilton is being advised.


Thieves in Long Beach, CA were able to gain access to two vehicles parked in a driveway, apparently using a device to turn on the vehicles’ dome lights and unlock the doors. The device apparently works only on the passenger side door, which is how the thieves were able to gain access.

This wasn’t the first time thieves used technology to rob cars. In Chicago, a similar theft was caught on camera in 2012. Chicago police theorized that code-cracking software sent the same unlock signal to the car that the vehicle’s key fob transmitter uses.


Other methods available to car thieves
Many new cars come with mobile apps that can unlock doors and start engines. Those smartphone apps send messages to a service center, which then sends a signal to the car telling it what to do. Smart hackers know how to intercept those signals and use them to their advantage. You may want to inquire as to the susceptibility of your own vehicle and find out what preventative measures, if any, are available.


Device causing major concerns for automobile owners


You could become one of numerous residents that become victimized, and law enforcement agencies throughout the nation are attempting to identify the type of technology that is being used. Detectives have yet to get a close look at the burglars’ device, but it appears to be a black, palm-sized object. Experts are being summoned to determine how someone would obtain this technology.


One auto-theft expert believes the device is a type of scanner used to pick up signals emitted by keyless entry fobs that have become commonplace on newer vehicles.

In any event, if your car is broken into and valuables are lost or stolen it is best to have the protection provided by car insurance for Hamilton residents.