The Need for Workers Comp in the Auto Repair Shop

As the owner of an auto repair shop, you understand the need for insurance. You’ve probably already purchased coverage to protect your income, insurance on your equipment, and coverage for any accidents that fall outside of the realm of your normal liability policy. You might also have coverage for utility services and employee dishonesty. One element that should be an important part of your policy is the auto repair workers comp coverage.


Even with the supervision of trained professionals and all recommended safety measures in place, the potential for accidents is still there. There are many opportunities for injuries in an auto repair shop, so there’s plenty of need for the insurance that can provide replacement for lost wages and any medical expenses incurred because of accidents. With that insurance in place, you will be able to turn your focus to providing the services that are your specialty.


Your shop will benefit from having an auto repair workers comp plan any time you need to pay for medical expenses or replace wages because a technician developed carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many tasks at a repair shop that can lead to injuries. A well-written auto repair workers comp policy can help you to improve job safety for all of your employees while lowering your claim costs. Learn how to reduce your risks and control losses to keep your employees safe.