Liability Coverage for Janitorial Services

general liability insurance for cleaning business

Although operating a cleaning company may leave your clients with immaculate homes and offices, dealing with the liabilities of business operations can be a dirty business. Keeping your records and reputation clean with a general liability insurance for cleaning business policy is the best way to ensure a successful venture.

Risks and Exposures

There are many risks associated with your cleaning business, with safety being a primary concern for your employees. Trips and falls at customer locations are one challenge, but maintaining the safety of your clients throughout your time in their space is also important.

Other risks you encounter may include:

Property damage
Accidental damage
Employee injury

Unique Coverage Needs

A policy that addresses the general liability for cleaning business operations should be tailored to address these areas. Make sure all of your business equipment is fully covered under a property inclusion, as well as any vehicles you use for work purposes. A combined coverage plan may be able to address gaps in the areas where you have the most exposure. Your insurance agent will be able to help identify other risks and exposures your business present and draft a policy to meet those needs.

Depending on local regulations and business licensing needs, you may be required to carry a certain amount of coverage. Talk to your local broker about the specific insurance required to meet both mandated coverage limits and complete financial protection for your company.