Keep Your Cargo Safe with Marine Cargo Insurance

Any true sailor knows the risks involved in doing maritime business, as transporting freight can be a dangerous endeavor indeed. Between its point of origin and final destination, various kinds of damage or loss may wreak havoc on your freight. Five to six million containers of cargo make their way across the ocean at any given time. Who knows how many of these are swallowed by the dark waters of international shipping lanes, are sucked overboard by rogue waves or are damaged by the sharp doldrums of the sea.

Marine insurance in Miami provides protection for your cargo no matter if its leaving Florida or heading there. Whether you’re a marine contractor, an importer or exporter of raw materials or a union of stevedores, all types of business in every industry regularly partake in marine insurance to ensure their precious goods make it to where they need to. Freight, cargo, merchandise and goods originating in Miami, Miami Beach and Key Biscayne are especially at risk for issues at sea. Most marine cargo insurance in Miami works closely with companies to make certain each shipment is documented appropriately. This helps avoid delays, Customs seizure or misdirection on the ocean. Appropriate maritime insurance is important for any business that ships its cargo overseas, no matter how big or how small.