Is Your Waterfront Business Fully Protected?

Merrimac Marine

Adequate insurance coverage is an important concern for every business, but waterfront businesses need to take extra care when it comes to making sure they’re fully protected. If your business happens to be located on or near the water, a standard worker’s compensation policy may not be enough to protect your team. As explained by Merrimac Marine, you may need USL&H insurance as well.

Is Your Business Required To Carry USL&H Coverage?

When you work near the water, there’s always the possibility of contracting an illness or sustaining an injury that would rarely to never occur at a landlocked facility. The United States Longshore & Harbor Act requires the owners of applicable waterfront businesses to carry additional coverage to ensure these possibilities are accounted for. Your business may be required to carry such coverage if:

  • Your employees build, service, unload, or load sea-going vessels of any kind as part of their job description.
  • Your business does not deal directly with sea-going vessels but is on or near a pier, marine railway, wharf, dock, or similar location.

Secure the Right Coverage for You

If your business is required to carry USL&H insurance and you’re found not to have it, you could be subject to steep fines and even jail time. Talk to an insurance agency that specializes in maritime insurance options today to make sure your team, business, and livelihood are properly covered.