Insurance for New Restaurant Owners

Texas has a great history and culture. People come from all over the country to experience everything
the state has to offer including the food. You started your restaurant business because you enjoy
providing exciting dining experiences to the local residents and tourists alike.

If you are like most new restaurant owners, the initial money to start up your dream business came out
of your own hard earned savings. Many banks are unwilling to lend money to new restaurants because
of their high rate of failure. Now you need to do everything possible to protect your investment from
those unexpected losses that have ruined so many others. Fortunately there are plenty of options for
restaurant insurance in Texas that can safeguard your assets.

Standard Business Insurance

Most business insurance will include general liability, property, and worker’s compensation. These levels
of coverage will keep you free from common hassles. Your liability coverage protects against costs
associated with damages your business may cause to others. Your property insurance protects the value
of your physical assets. Worker’s compensation protects your staff against the cost of work related
injuries, and it brings your business into compliance with labor laws.

Specific Insurance Needs for Restaurants

Speak with a qualified insurance agent that is familiar with the unique needs of the restaurant owners.
While getting general coverage for your business is a good start, the restaurant industry is highly
regulated and litigious. Specific needs like liquor liability, food contamination business interruption, and
pollutant cleanup insurance can be examined. A good local agent will know the region and will present
you with the best options for restaurant insurance in Texas.