Insurance Advertising Made Easy

As a wholesaler, vendor, carrier or other member of the insurance industry, insurance is your business-not programming. Now you can have the best of both worlds with marketing programs built specifically for the insurance advertising platform.


Many Features Are Available for Your Use


Would you like storefronts or banners? You can choose one or both. You can be featured biweekly or less often in an insurance e-newsletter. You call the shots. Your specific services and products can be found by agents looking for specific services and products.


You also have available a daily newsflash that you can use to provide prompt updates to your visitors and connect to any of your other online media, such as Twitter or Facebook. And, what about that blog you have been building up? You will have the ability to provide a link to it for interested clients.


Direct Traffic With Ease


It is easy to direct the public to specific pages in your storefront by running email ad campaigns. Site and email ads help provide an online marketing platform for your insurance advertising to help agents find your business and be directed to your specific services and products.


Do not drag your feet with old-fashioned and out-of-date advertising mediums. Enjoy the freedom of an advertising platform that has already been built up and is ready for you to jump in and take advantage of. The specialized options you need have already been configured with the insurance field in mind.