Incorporate a Wellness Program at Work

Wellness Program

As health care costs continue to skyrocket, companies are seeing the benefits of developing a wellness program for employees. Healthier employees mean lower health risks and costs for all involved. A wellness program can help employees reduce their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure, and control their high blood sugar. A healthy employee will also take less sick days, increase their production, and have higher morale at work.

What Type of Wellness Programs Are Available?

Many employee wellness programs are geared toward helping people lose weight. A company might provide incentives to employees by offering reduced prices for gym memberships. Organizing group exercise classes on the premises, either before or after work, is also a great way to encourage exercise and increase camaraderie.

Business owners can also start a walking program in which employees keep track of the miles they walk each week. At the end of the program, t-shirts, hats, or water bottles can be awarded to those who met the weekly requirements.

Programs can be designed to help employees stop smoking or to better manage their stress. Companies can offer discounts for outside smoking cessation classes or provide classes on the premises. Stress management classes are beneficial as well.

Helping your employees stay healthy will help them and you to be more successful at work.