How to Properly Use Social Media for Your Insurance Business

social media marketing

Do you think that only companies geared towards a younger crowd use social media? Not so! In fact, social media marketing for insurance companies is more important than you might think. According to, certain social media outlets can reach up to 94% of audiences. How’s that for clever marketing?

What to Post

Cat memes and witty quotes are all well and good, but what should you post when it comes to your business? Some ideas for social media posts for insurance companies might include:

  • Pictures of staff and mini-biographies for them. Clients love peeking behind the curtain at any business, yours included!
  • Important announcements and promotions.
  • Interesting statistics and lists; who doesn’t love a good infographic to get the message across?

What NOT to Post

With the good comes the bad. Avoid these social media mistakes when working on your social media campaign:

  • Offensive or questionable content including racial, sexual or homophobic comments.
  • Poorly-written content riddled with misspellings and grammar mistakes.
  • Content that is irrelevant to your company; if you are an insurance agent, an article listing the benefits of collard greens mightn’t be the best use of social media.

Deciding to use social media for your insurance business is a great step. Roll with the times and get your business’s name out there.