How Managers Can Effectively Communicate Both Good and Bad News to Their Offices

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As a business manager, you likely already know how important it is to master top-notch workplace communication skills. However, if you’ve ever struggled with delivering either bad news or good news in the workplace, you may want to brush up on your approach. Here are a few tactics that can help you deliver news to your workers more effectively.

Report Accurate Information and Make Employees Feel Appreciated

Whatever type of news you need to deliver, it’s important that you only report accurate information and watch out for how the news may be received by your employees. Remember to:

  • Stay on-message and report accurate, confirmed information and data
  • Let employees know the role they played in making any good news happen
  • Throw an employee appreciation event to make workers feel valued

Focus on the Positive and Brainstorm for Potential Solutions

When delivering bad news to your workers, try to focus on the positive and remain solutions-oriented. It may be helpful to:

  • Take responsibility for bad news
  • Try to find a silver lining and maintain a neutral to positive tone
  • Ask employees for their thoughts and brainstorm for potential solutions

When you work in top management, understanding how to effectively communicate either bad or good news in the workplace is a crucial skill. These tactics can help you revamp your communications approach.