Good Coverage Is Essential for a Successful Staffing Service

After the economic volatility of 2008 there was a significant increase in temporary employment. The trend continues today due to the fact that many industries have recognized the benefits of including temporary positions in their business models. Industries that are not traditionally considered to regularly employ temporary positions are increasingly adopting a different approach. For instance, in manufacturing there is currently up to 40% temporary worker utilization. Busy staffing agencies are in need of adequate temporary staffing insurance to ensure proper protection for worker and client alike.


It is relatively easy to start up a staffing company. It requires commitment to build a reputation and develop relationships with a clientele. One of the most reliable ways to establish trust is to offer complete temporary staffing insurance. In addition to a general liability policy a business may include workers’ compensation for long-term positions and other types of coverage that address the singular needs of various types of temporary employment.


As staffing companies essentially provide employment for lease, it is their responsibility to make sure the employment meets the expectations of the client. This means offering a pool of qualified personnel. It also means being prepared in the event of an accident or other mishap. Having the appropriate temporary staffing insurance helps to maintain the integrity of the staffing company and the goodwill of the client even when the unexpected occurs.