Four Steps To Kick Out A Tenant


Do you have terrible tenants? Is it a struggle to get them to pay rent on time, keep their unit clean and just to reach them for communication? If you have a valid reason such as regularly missing rent, violating policies or is breaking some kind of legal ordinance, it’s probably time to kick them out. How do you go about doing that, though?

Give Fair Warning

There are laws that prevent you from up and changing the locks or dumping a tenant’s belongings on the front porch, so make sure you do the legal thing and warn them first. Written or verbal warnings are just fine.

Formally Give Notice

Include the move-out date and make sure that you use certified mail to keep it on the books.

File With The Courts

Depending on your county you may or may not have to do this part, but if your tenant is threatening to sue you or you have grounds to sue them, look into legal counsel.

Say Goodbye

There is a legal time period that you can give someone to leave, usually between 48 hours and a week. Something you might not know is that if your terrible tenant refuses to leave in the allotted amount of time, you are perfectly within your legal rights to call the cops.

Even the best tenants can turn into horror stories, as you can read about at Understand what is within your legal rights as a landlord when you decide to part ways with a tenant.