Fight Atlanta Ice Storms With Business Interruption Insurance

The scenario is all-too-familiar for residents of Atlanta: cars and trucks stuck on roadways for days, power outages and school closings. A little ice will close the city down, and businesses take a huge hit with property damage and stranded deliveries. When employees and customers cant get to the facility, income grinds to a halt, just like the traffic on the Atlanta Perimeter. Since the Insurance Information Institute claims that one out of four businesses affected by weather disasters never reopen, it may be time to consider business interruption insurance.

Work with an Atlanta insurance agency to determine your risk. What would it cost if your business was interrupted for a week or a month? Your insurance professional can help you calculate fixed costs such as leases and insurance premiums, anything you will have to pay out even when your income comes to a stop.

A business interruption policy can cover specifics like utility service interruptions, often a key issue in Atlanta ice and snow storms. Some businesses suffer losses when government officials close the airport or certain roadways or bridges. Civil authority coverage can protect against those losses. Also consider adding coverage for the extra expense involved in reopening after a winter storm event.

Discuss potential risks to your business with an Atlanta insurance agency. Business interruption insurance may be your best defense against the next Atlanta ice storm.