Essential Tips to Help Your Car Survive Winter Weather

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These few tips can help your car survive the harsh winter weather.

Michigan winters are rarely easy. They come with snow, ice and blizzards. Keep your car running this winter with these helpful tips. If you have issues, your car insurance in Ann Arbor MI can help you get back on the road.

Regular Maintenance

Winters can be harsh, so don’t forget to regularly maintain your car. Common maintenance includes changing the oil, replacing dirty filters and completing service checks according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Emergency Kit

Sometimes the roads become impassable. Stock an emergency kit to keep in your vehicle in the event the road is blocked or your car becomes trapped in snow. Bottled water, snacks, flares, a flashlight, car phone charger, kitty litter and a small shovel can come in handy in an emergency.

Visual Inspection

At minimal, check your tires, the wiper blades and battery once a month. Tire tread is necessary to drive on the wintry roads. Optimal tire pressure, solid brakes and good lighting help you safely move down the road. Gas tanks kept half full or above can keep moisture from getting in and freezing the fuel lines.

These few tips can help your car survive the harsh winter weather. Car insurance in Ann Arbor MI is there for you in an emergency. Many plans come with roadside assistance to help you in an emergency. Spring comes soon bringing warmer weather.