EO Insurance Provides Coverage From Every Direction

errors and omissions insurance

It’s important to protect your business from any threat, even ones that come from within the company itself. The planning and building phases of construction are wrought with uncertainties, and while you can try and identify every issue something always falls through the cracks. With errors and omissions insurance for professional engineers, you can rest easy knowing that unforeseen circumstances won’t turn into a crisis.

Ready When You’re Not

As the old saying goes, expect the unexpected. General liability insurance coverage for the architecture and insurance field only takes care of standard exposures. They often fall short when faced with industry-specific problems. To be ready these and other issues that crop up, specialists at axisins.com suggest turning to E&O insurance to fill in the gaps.

Your business may be found negligent when unforeseen hazards and human error create design problems, especially if it causes financial harm to another party. Unpredicted site conditions or sudden changes in supply costs can lead to lawsuits that can cripple your company. You need to defend against these threats, even unwarranted ones that may incur legal fees and lost time.

Don’t let one mistake dictate the course of your company. Look into errors and omissions insurance for professional engineers to safeguard your business from every angle.