Eligibility for Accountants Professional Liability Insurance

If you are an accountant, chances are you either have or want accountants professional liability insurance. How do you know if you are eligible? The fact is that the eligibility varies from one policy to another, but you can easily find out what you are eligible for by talking to an insurance agent. You can also look at these common restrictions in order to find out if your business may qualify for this type of policy.


Many policies require that you make a minimum amount of money. As an example, some policies say that your business should have a revenue of at least $500,000 a year.


Another common restriction is how many practitioners, or in this case accountants, there are in your firm. Many policies want your business to have at least three professionals working there in order to qualify.


Certain insurance providers have policies that are only available in select states. At the same time there are plenty of accountants professional liability insurance that is available in all 50 states.

Get More Information

As you look for a policy that fits your needs, make sure to get as much information as you can. Talk to an insurance agent to learn about the eligibility requirements today. Their agency may have a policy that is just right for you.