Customize Your Commercial Liability Coverage

It is considered essential for every business to have some level of commercial general liability coverage. This type of policy protects your company against claims for bodily injury, property damage and personal liability. Most businesses face exposure from these areas, but coverage may not be one size fits all. A quality insurance agent may assess your company’s particular needs to design a policy that best protects your operation.

Three Areas of Coverage

General liability for businesses addresses three primary areas of protection. Premises and operations is concerned with activity and exposures relating to the workplace itself. This area often relates to injury and property damage. Coverage for products and completed operations may protect against losses from claims of negligence. Commercial general liability may also insure against loss from claims of libel and slander. The third area of concern is indirect contingent exposure, which may be necessary when a business employs subcontractors for a portion of its production.

Choose Correct Limits for Your Company

Your agent may be able to guide you as to how much insurance you really need to carry. A clothing retailer may not need the same liability limits as a construction company. Also, you may want to make certain the correct number of people are covered under the policy. Once you have met the minimum requirements, you may consider the appropriate enhancements and additions to fully customize protection for your company.