Creating a Safe Construction Job Site

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Creating a Safe Construction Job Site

When it comes to liability concerns, few job sites have more to worry about than those in the construction industry. Hard hats and steel-toed boots aren’t enough to prevent falls, slips and serious injury. In addition to hiring insurance providers like Rooney and Associates to handle the challenges of the field, you can take some proactive steps to enforce a safe work site.

The top list of safety hazards for a construction site includes the following:

Trench collapse
Falls (from heights)
Electric shock
Scaffold collapse;
Arc flash/arc blast
Repetitive motion injuries
Lack of proper personal protective equipment use

Turn to Experts

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has published many safety guidelines for those in the industry, and several of the recommendations require little expense. The proper use of ladders, safety netting and harnesses can limit the number of injuries and deaths related to falls. Scaffolding concerns deal with high quality and weight-bearing materials, a solid foundation, the use of guardrails and regular inspections and training conducted by qualified management personnel. Trenching should be done in conjunction with proper sloping angles, entry and exit options and protective equipment and materials.

The team at Rooney and Associates is well-equipped to provide the insurance coverage your construction group needs. However, you can do your part to create a safer job site and minimize liabilities.