Coverage to Complement Home Healthcare Insurance Programs

When shopping for home healthcare insurance programs, many professionals stop short of considering coverage that can act as a supplement to more basic insurance.

Insurance for Medical Staffing Companies

Sometimes, a person may work as a home healthcare professional and then decide to launch a medical staffing business on the side. It’s important to have specialty coverage for that situation. Staffing agencies not only have to be prepared to handle workers’ compensation claims and liability issues, but know how to handle co-employment scenarios.

Insurance for Personal Care and Support Specialists

In addition to offering medical assistance such as blood sugar checks, vital sign monitoring and techniques to avoid bedsores, some people who subscribe to home healthcare insurance programs also need coverage for non-medical support. These specialists give help for tasks of daily living such as cooking, cleaning and bathing. Like healthcare providers, those professionals need coverage that encompasses workers’ compensation, liability and associated issues.

Coverage for Hospice Workers

The hospice industry is rapidly growing. In response, some healthcare workers provide home healthcare simultaneously. The people who manage and own hospice companies need to make sure their employees are properly covered while they take care of the duties associated with end-of-life care.

These are just a few of the types of supplemental coverage that can broaden what’s offered by standard home healthcare insurance programs. Knowing more about them can help you make well-informed choices.