Coverage Options to Consider When Buying Manufactured Home Insurance

There are a lot of really great reasons to buy a manufactured home. They are extremely cost effective while not sacrificing precious square footage. The layout of most manufactured homes just makes sense without the added “fluff,” and they are easier to maintain and make repairs when needed.

Just like with any other home, you need to have the right insurance coverage for your manufactured home through a qualified insurance company such as Aegis MGA. Here are some coverage options that you should have to protect your property.

Occupancy Type

You might live in your manufactured home year round. You might also just be using it as a summer home, or as a rental unit. Whatever type of occupancy you have in the home, make sure your insurance policy specifies this as your coverage will vary depending on this factor.

Age of Home

You will find that many insurance agencies will focus on providing insurance coverage for those consumers whose manufactured homes fall within a certain age range. For example, if your home was built 10 years ago, look for an insurance company that specializes in 10 to 20 year manufactured homes.


Whether your manufactured home is in a park or on property that you own yourself, your coverage options will differ. Make sure you understand what is available to you depending on who owns the lot that your home sits on.