Cover Your Bases With Commercial Cargo Insurance Programs

If your company requires its goods to be shipped even a short distance in order to get them to the consumers, you may understand the many potential hazards involved in the transportation of products. There are such a large number of risks involved, there are insurance companies that specialize in cargo shipping. Especially if what you are shipping is unusual or requires special treatment, a typical insurance agency usually doesn’t offer the types of policies required to properly protect your investment.

Specialized insurance companies can have different commercial cargo insurance programs that offer you the right combination of policies to safeguard your merchandise. There are programs that can cover you from natural incidents such as earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding and fire and human incidents such as theft, collision, improper delivery and general damage. There are policies to protect your goods whether your shipment is traveling by sea, land or air. Some insurance programs will cover all modes of transit, but others are more limited. Make sure to know what your coverage includes. If your shipment requires warehouse storage at some point during the delivery process, there is coverage available for that as well.

To reduce your risk of losses from transportation incidents, you should look into commercial cargo insurance programs. An agent at an insurance firm specializing in cargo shipping should know which types of policies would be best for your transportation needs. Cargo insurance can keep protect the assets of your company and give you peace of mind.