Connecticut Used Car Dealer Insurance and Opening a Dealership

If you plan on owning or operating a used car dealership in the Constitution State you will need a state license as well as adequate coverage in the form of Connecticut used car dealer insurance to minimize your potential loss against property and liability risks. As an employer you are responsible for the safety and well being of those entering the property.

Employees, customers, delivery people and others may fall prey to accidents during their time at the facility and the proper coverage must be in place in order to protect you should someone suffer a serious injury, or damages to one of your vehicles.

For example, a mechanic is moving a vehicle into the service area and accidentally hits another car causing damage to both vehicles. The insurance will help to pay for the repairs, or if someone is accidentally struck by a moving vehicle there should also

be coverage to provide for any medical costs that could be required.

This coverage is designed to specifically cover all your company vehicles, as well as provide coverage for employees who are operating autos on your lot, anyone who could accidentally trip and become injured, and customers in the process of purchasing cars while on the premises.

To obtain a Connecticut dealer/repairer license, you will need the approved of local authorities in the city or town where you plan to locate your dealership. You must also make sure you meet state requirements. To be a used car dealer, you must have:

  • An area for display and storage of at least two used cars
  • A repair department able to hold two vehicles
  • A parts department and an office that can be used for business with the public
  • At least one mechanic qualified to service and repair vehicles sold by the dealer
  • A wastewater retention tank with a minimum of 250 gallons on premises

To protect your business from the possibility of costly lawsuits you will need some form of Connecticut used car dealer insurance.