Compensating for Human Error

It is simply a fact of life that mistakes are inevitable in any workplace. Human error is one thing we still can’t avoid, even with all our ubiquitous technology. Even though we can’t prevent it, we can still protect against it with quality insurance. A construction site is one place where this kind of coverage matters a lot. Any mistakes that are made can have some serious consequences, whether it is physical harm or damage to the project itself. Construction management risk coverage is definitely something to invest in.

The benefits of E&O insurance cannot be overstated. This covers negligence claims in the event that something happens. There is a lot on your plate as the construction manager so it is entirely possible that something might fall by the wayside. Comprehensive insurance can cover personal injuries and property damage, there for you no matter what happens. They will also take care of defense costs if something goes to court. The coverage extends to temporary staff and independent contractors you might have hired.

While it might be impossible to totally eliminate human error, we can still watch out for it and reduce the harm that mistakes cause. Construction managers have a big responsibility on their hands, and they need to protect both the project and themselves. Construction management risk coverage is a vital asset to anyone in this position.