Comparing Public Liability and General Liability Coverages

When it comes to liability insurance, it’s important to be clear about what is being referred to. There are various types of this coverage that refers to specific protections, so for specific risks, it’s critical that you understand the liability insurance meaning. For example, professional liability coverage typically protects a company from claims due to errors, omissions or negligence. You’ve probably heard of general liability which covers a wide range of exposures. Public liability on the other hand is a very specific type of coverage worth your consideration.

Understanding Public Liability Protection

General liability insurance covers a wider spectrum of risks and applies to losses incurred by the public, workers, suppliers and even owners as well. Public liability protection is more narrow, specifically referring to minimum coverage where the public is concerned in the following aspects:

  • Negligence
  • Injury
  • Incidents

Public liability policies tend to be less expensive than general coverages and may be better suited for your organization’s needs.

Boosting Your Business With the Right Products

No two businesses are the same. As you consider the needs for your company, it’s important to work with an insurer that can offer products that are best not just for risk management, but also for your bottom line. Look for a plan that covers all your exposures appropriately.