Commercial Fleet Insurance and Supply Chain Disruptions

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Over the last few years, the importance of the supply chain has become more and more apparent to the average person. Even the smallest upset to a single part of the chain can lead to some massive disruptions to the entire operation. What’s more, you never know when a problem is going to appear and threaten to throw everything off. If you own a business that specializes in transporting goods and you have your own fleet, you absolutely need to think about your insurance coverage.

The Basics of Fleet Coverage

There are a few organizations that absolutely need commercial fleet insurance. Any business that relies on several vehicles to perform daily operations, for example, should be looking into this type of insurance. Failing to have appropriate insurance in the event of an accident with one of your vehicles can lead to major setbacks for the supply chain, as well as financial and legal complications for your brand. Other areas that you should look into when reviewing your options with insurance include:

  • Cybercrime and extortion coverage
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Workers’ compensation

The Right Fit

Though there are plenty of ways that a supply chain can stall or freeze altogether, you never want to be the contributing factor in this scenario. Take time to look into your options with insurance and learn how to best stay protected.